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In its simplest form, pure honey is gently filtered with nothing at all being added to the honey. No sweeteners, oils or flavours. This doesn’t mean that it is tasteless.

Honey gets its flavour from nature, from the pollen in the local flowers and plants that the bees forage on. This means you can get many types of pure honey; blossom, fynbos, citrus, peach etc.

Each specific honey will be unique and will depend on the environment the flowers (and bees) have had to thrive in. A bit like wine, a blossom honey from Knysna or Cape Town will taste entirely different from blossoms in Mpumalanga, and preference comes down to a matter of individual taste.


Smooth and easy to drink

Honey gets its colour from the pollen that a hive gathers to make it. Because plants blossom at different times of year and bees collect honey nearly year-round, a single hive can produce radically different colours of honey from season to season. So shake the bottle to make sure the goodness is spread evenly when you serve.


Serve CHILLED or with two blocks of ICE.

MIX with Soda Water for a bubbly drink or with Indian Tonic for a different taste. In winter drink just as it is.

INFUSE with mint or fruit.



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Our blending experts, searching for honey,  have scoured the Eden district looking for the perfect tasteand aroma to match our speciallyblended liqueur.